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Our aged care beds and hospital bed mattresses are now in use in a range of Global aged care facilities, hospitals and care wards, palliative care, and other sectors. Whether these facilities need long-term or aged care beds, Careleda provides quality designed beds with optimum care in mind.

Our team with combined decades of experience in the healthcare industry utilises an advanced pressure mapping system to optimise comfort of beds and mattresses. We have inhouse testing of the beds and mattresses at optimal angles, comfort levels and safe working loads.
Superior foam and cover
Our mattresses durable foam and/or gel and air combinations that helps patients achieve maximum comfort whether in a supine, angled or sitting position. Many of our mattress covers have specific   comfort features including 2 or 4 way stretch soft touch polyurethane whilst still providing longevity of use.
Durability and capacity
Our healthcare beds also have large range of safe working loads (SWL)- ranging from 200 to 350 KG without compromising the patients’ comfort and safety. We also combine both function and aesthetics to produce customised solutions foraged care hospitals and other healthcare facilities.
Why Careleda?
Our focus is on excellent Care. Our experienced Management team prioritises those that need Care, the Carer, the Family, the Friends and Support Persons That’s why many hospitals and other facilities have already selected us to provide their beds and mattresses. Whether it’s for recovery, short-term care or rehabilitation, our top quality long-term and acute care beds ensure comfort of the patients.

Browse through our wide selection of hospital and clinical beds. If you need assistance, you can also contact us today and our consultants will respond soon.

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