Your Healthcare Seating Project Partner

Careleda enjoy partnering with healthcare interior designers, project managers and healthcare construction companies in delivering high-quality healthcare seating.

Whether you’re refurbishing a hospital ward, purchasing furniture for a new ward or Aged Care setting, setting up specialist doctor rooms or have specific requirements, you’ve come to the right team.

With experience across all types of healthcare settings, we can provide both local and international solutions for a range of healthcare environments. We provide products that not only improve patient comfort; but are stylish to maximise aesthetics and functional to ensure the best care can be delivered.

The Selection Journey

Phase 1 – Selection Criteria

With each project having different needs and requirements, our team is here to help you in choosing the right chairs to enhance the delivery of care. Our Customer Care Team can assist you with any brief provided by your Acute or Aged Care client or is available to work with your client on your behalf.

To best assist you, we will work through the following details:

Phase 2 – Choose a Chair

Once you’ve been through the detail with our Customer Care Team, we will assist you with a shortlist for the most suitable style of chairs.

Phase 3 – Design Your Own

Flexibility is at the core of our product design. Once you’ve narrowed down the style of chair you require, we will work with you on the selection of armrests, backrests, legrests and/or base.

Phase 4 – Choose A Colour

With a huge range of colours and designs available, there is sure to be a colour to complement your healthcare environment. See our Colour Chart for more detail.

Phase 5 – Installation and Supply

Our team will assist with installation and delivery. We will work with you on timeframes to help assist the facility deliver care on schedule.

Next step?

If you’re working on a healthcare project which requires high-quality healthcare seating, then we’d love to work with you. Our range of Regency Care Chairs and Sertain HILO Care Chairs offer incredible versatility for cross-ward support.

For an obligation free discussion, please contact our team on 1800 044 012 or complete our online enquiry form.

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