We have a complete range of recliners, chairs, arm chairs and exam couches for care centres and clinics. Our Australian-made and Imported products are now in service in X-Ray and Pathology Clinics, Renal Care Centres, Oncology, Neurology, Chemotherapy, Maternity and Primary Care sectors.

Here at Careleda we conduct in house testing to for the safety and comfort of patients. Our valued customers trust our global experience when it comes to beds and seating systems for their care centres.

How we design our products

We have world-class testing facilities and CAD software to meet specific requirements and achieve unique design outcomes for our valued customers. We can custom build chairs and recliners to a range of global and national standards.

Many of our products undergo extensive testing and quality assurance. With have helped us secure the trust of healthcare facilities in Sydney, New South Wales across Australia and Global locations.

We offer an extensive and comprehensive warranty for some of our Australian Made and Imported products with warranty coverage from 2 years up to 10 years. All our products are built to last for years, which is why we’re confident in providing an extensive warranty.

Why healthcare facilities choose Careleda

Our management team has 20+ years experience in the global healthcare industry. We have gained deep knowledge and experience both in the short- and long-term care sectors and love being there for our clients.

Contact us today and our experienced Team will provide you with cost-effective, top-quality and excellent assistance with healthcare seating systems.

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