We have wide range of accessories for healthcare chairs such as standard activity + meal trays and round drink servers. We also have unique options such as X-Ray backrests for some models.

Our durable healthcare accessories are designed with quality and safety as priority. These are only accessories but we also have the same commitment as with our hospital seating systems.

Worldwide our seating systems and accessories are already in service in General Wards, Maternity Wards, Orthopaedic, Oncology, Chemotherapy, X-ray, Intensive Care, Renal Care and other healthcare sectors. Many healthcare facilities have chosen us here at Careleda because of our experience and global expertise.

Rigorous testing and quality assurance

We understand that each item should ensure quality and safety both for the Cared and the Carer. That’s whyy our products have undergone rigorous testing. Our unique testing regimes together with our commitment to high standards have made Careleda the clear choice when it comes to hospital chairs and accessories.

Why choose Careleda

Most of Careleda’s management team have 20+ years personal experience in the healthcare industry. We are committed to research the needs of healthcare facilities and clinics.

As a result, even our accessories are being chosen by many hospitals and healthcare facilities. Years of listening to our customers needs and different requirements has enabled us to design the products for many areas.

Our top brands include Comflex, Sertain and Regency. Our accessories are there to complement the healthcare chairs we design and build.

Contact us today if you need Australian-made accessories for your healthcare chairs and facilities. Our expert consultants are there to assist you.

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