Care Leda...assisting in the delivery of GLOBAL LEADING CARE!

The Careleda Culture

…whether it’s a journey of recovery, rehabilitation, long term or palliative care if we can take away even a small amount of emotional and physical suffering we have achieved our goal!

…when we make an emotional and physical improvement to those that need Care, the Carer, the Family, the Friends and Support Persons we have achieved our goal!

The Careleda Story

The Careleda Journey starts here with the creation of an enduring Organisation that is positioned to continually evolve with the needs of all in the Circle of Care – we search the globe to keep up to date with the needs, trends emerging and look to the future to maintain our position as one of the Market Leaders in our field – this is a Collaborative Journey with Industry Leaders and Professionals covering a wide Range of Global expertise.

On 1st of September 2017 Careleda was born, an exciting move forward for a Passionate Family run organisation founded in 1978 with a goal to provide friendly, professional customer service, and with our innovative designed easy to use care platforms assist in the Delivery of Global Leading Care!

Most of Careleda’s Management Team each have over 20 years’ Personal experience in the Healthcare Industry, are committed to continually learn and have a moral conviction and compassion for the Cared for and the Carer.

Careleda is focused on Manufacturing, Exporting and Importing Healthcare Seating and Care Platforms to the Acute Care, Aged Care and Specialist Care Sectors from rehabilitation to palliative, procedural to therapy and short to long term care.

Our Seating Systems are in service worldwide in a range of sectors such as Aged Care Facilities, Hospitals, Day Procedure, Intensive Care, Renal care, Chemotherapy, Palliative Care, Rehabilitation, Oncology, Neurology, X-Ray, Pathology, Endoscopy, General Wards, Nuclear Medicine, Cardio Thoracic, Maternity Wards and Orthopaedic. Pressure Care is an integral part of our Seating Systems including the use of our MULTICUSH TM and POLYSOFT TM Systems.

Design is carried out Utilising World Class CAD Software, and unique Testing Facilities such as our own inhouse X-Sensor PRESSURE MAPPING SYSTEM which allows our Team to review progress throughout the Design Process in our endeavour to achieve optimum outcomes for our Valued Customers.

Careleda believes Healthcare Specific products need not limit Creativity and must have Flexibility – from the Upholstery, Timber or Colour range and feel plus comfort and specific requirements such as Fire Retardancy or Regulations — our Experienced Team can assist as we Create a blend of Aesthetics and Functionality that suits YOU and YOUR Team and regularly produces Customised solutions for our clients.

Careleda GOALS – Unparalleled and EXCELLENCE as a Team Player, Employer, Supplier, Buyer and Citizen.

Careleda VALUES – We are all held accountable to the foundations of Honesty, Integrity, Knowledge, Innovation and Responsibility towards all.

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