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Careleda, where exceptional care concepts that Help and Heal, become reality. We supply Australian designed healthcare seating solutions into Aged Care, Acute Care and Clinic Care environments worldwide

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Why Partner with Careleda

Whether it’s a journey of recovery, rehabilitation, long-term or palliative care if we can take away even a small amount of emotional and physical suffering we have achieved our goal!

When we make an emotional and physical improvement to those that need Care, the Carer, the Family, the Friends and Support Persons we have achieved our goal!

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Over 40 years experience

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Featured Products


Our RegencyTM Carer chair is one of the most popular care chairs on the market. With your choice of gas or electric functions, it has completely removable armrests to make side transfers simple. You can even create your own chair!


If you’re looking for a functional and modern looking chair, check out our RegencyTM Result recliner. Available in gas or electric with your choice of armrest, backrest and footrest. Designed for a range of Care settings.


Our electric SertainTM HILO chair includes an auto lay flat function, MulticushTM pressure management seating system and is available in 3 sizes. Work with our team in choosing the best armrest, backrest and footrest for your facility.

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Quality Healthcare Seating.

Careleda supply chairs into a diverse range of healthcare environments. We work with health professionals in satisfying the rigors of clinical environments, promote patient dignity and contribute towards healing.

Careleda is focused on manufacturing, exporting and importing Healthcare Seating and Care Platforms to the Acute Care, Aged Care and Specialist Care Sectors. Our seating is used for rehabilitation, palliative care, procedural, therapy and short or long term care. Types of chairs we supply are the Sertain Hilo Chairs , Comflex Recliners , Regency Care Chair , Regency Carer Chair , Dialysis Recliners , Dialysis Seating , Intensive Care Chairs , Layflat recliners , Layflat HILO Chairs , Stroke Chairs , Early Mobilization chairs , Healthcare Recliners and Day Surgery Recliners.

Our Seating Systems are in service worldwide in a range of sectors such as Aged Care Facilities, Hospitals, Day Procedure, Intensive Care, Renal care, Chemotherapy, Palliative Care, Rehabilitation, Oncology, Neurology, X-Ray, Pathology, Endoscopy, General Wards, Nuclear Medicine, Cardio Thoracic, Maternity Wards and Orthopaedic. Pressure Care is an integral part of our Seating Systems including the use of our Multicush and Polysoft Systems.

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