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Important Announcement: Fasttrack is LIVE

Today our team are excited to finally announce that we’ve been working on something extra special to assist the global Healthcare system through these challenging times.

Introducing….. FASTTRACK!


One of the ways we want to help our Healthcare system both within Australia and around the globe is by providing expedited delivery of selected healthcare seating. As a team, we have focused on FOUR FASTTRACK seating options for Acute Care settings. More information about this can be found in this link to our brochure.

How does FASTTRACK work?

As you will see in our brochure, we have included four models for your selection. These models have been specifically chosen due to their flexibility and popularity in busy Acute Care settings such as ICU and Emergency Departments.

Three of these models allow for your choice of two backrests and two armrests. There are some popular accessories which can also be ordered for use with the chairs.

What next?

Firstly, make sure you download our brochure which provides extra detail beyond this email. For more information, please call our Customer Care Team on 1800 044 012.

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