What’s the Effect of Hospital Environment on Patients?

Excellent healthcare is often the result of several factors such as effectiveness of medicine, quality facilities (including the beds and chairs), efficient operations and staff responsiveness. One of the biggest factors that are often neglected is the environment.

Properly shaping the hospital environment can better help us achieve a particular function. For instance, does the hospital environment signal professionalism and orderliness? Are the healthcare seats, armchairs and bedside cabinets appear high quality and reliable?

These small things can actually complete our composite perception about the hospital or healthcare facility. That’s why managers and staff often pay extra attention on the furniture and overall design of the hospital.

Effect of environment on the healthcare staff

Aside from the patients, the hospital environment also affects the healthcare staff (how they provide the care and interact with the patients). For instance, poor lighting and unpleasant noise levels can hinder the staff from paying enough attention to the patients. Low-quality furniture may also prevent the caregiver from properly assisting the patient (especially if patients have very limited physical mobility).

Back then only the office and corporate environments are being studied as to how these affect employee performance. But recently, more attention is being placed on hospital work environments. The performance of the healthcare staff (thereby the quality of healthcare provided) may largely depend on the environment, workplace design and the healthcare facilities.

For example, a noisy environment may lead to the staff’s failure to notice emergency situations. Moreover, the noisy environment may even disturb the patient’s sleep cycle. When the staff gets used to the noise too much, they may fail to notice its effects to the patients.

Effect of hospital environment on patients & taking full advantage of it

An excellent environment filled with high-quality facilities may also have a huge effect on the patients’ feeling of safety and security. After all, patients may spend long hours at the room and examination areas. The overall design and functionality may affect their healing process and their healthcare experience.

It’s one of the several things we’ve learned here at Careleda. Our core management team (who has over 20 years experience in the healthcare industry) also place special emphasis on design and functionality of the healthcare beds, mattresses, chairs and furniture pieces.

Contact us today if you require high-quality, functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing furniture for your hospital or healthcare facility. Our healthcare staff will provide you with excellent recommendations.

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