The Increasing Demand for Quality Chairs for Acute Care

Quality chairs for acute care are now in increasing demand because of the need to care for the aging population and people with active but short-term medical needs. Aside from a more comfortable recovery, chairs and beds for acute care may have a huge contribution to decreasing mortality and morbidity rates among patients (other factors such as integrated health systems may also play a huge role).

Specific needs of acute care patients

First, patients are likely to have limited mobility as a result of an accident, injury or sudden exacerbation of their illness. This would then require chairs that support easier mobility (e.g. shifting into an inclined, seating and reclining position). This way, there would be less strain on their bodies and become safer. This would also make it easier for the health staff to provide the needed assistance to the patient.

In addition to easier mobility, comfort is also a priority because most likely patients will spend extended periods of time in the chair. The recovery itself is painful or discomforting, which is why the chairs should provide ultimate comfort to the patient.

Certain features and technologies could help achieve that. For example, the Comflex Care Chair incorporates a Memory Foam Pressure Management System. This feature allows a more comfortable distribution of weight, which can aid with proper blood circulation and muscle comfort.

Remember that acute care patients may need to spend at least 8 hours each day for a few weeks in the chair or recliner. Even a bit of added comfort can make a huge difference in their recovery experience.

Chairs for acute care Sydney

It’s a combination of high-quality hospital furniture, caring health staff, excellent management and other relevant factors that contribute to effective patient recovery and wellness. It’s an integrated approach that results to world-class healthcare.

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