Preventing Back Injuries in Healthcare Settings for Workers

Many healthcare workers suffer from back injuries and pain because of their daily physical activities. For example, repositioning a patient or object can put a strain on the worker’s back. Through the weeks and months (or even immediately) this could have an effect to the worker’s physical condition.

In addition, certain movements place workers in awkward positions (e.g. body is in a twisted state) that make the strain worse. Also, healthcare workers are also constantly using force to lift or reposition patients and objects in their daily routines.

About ergonomics & effective healthcare facility management

When it comes to preventing back injuries in healthcare settings for workers, this often requires an integrated approach. All manual patient handling activities should be evaluated for the risks they pose to workers (and also to the patients). These activities could then be modified by adding safety devices or using the more appropriate seating, beds and recliners.

One priority is to avoid overexertion as much as possible. Aside from putting a strain on the worker’s lower back, overexertion can also make the patient’s position to be risky. Although healthcare workers are always careful, the risks are still there.

An example objective then is to make repositioning or moving a patient as easy as possible. Reliable recliners can help achieve that. Also, proper training and use of other safety devices could positively contribute to minimising the risks.

Another way to accomplish this is by allowing the healthcare staff (especially those who exert too much physical effort in a daily basis) to gain enough rest. Aside from resting their backs, the staff would be refreshed and become more alert in watching out for risks. Thankfully, many healthcare facilities have already taken care of that.

Preventing back injuries in healthcare settings

The management plays a huge role not just in caring for the patients, but also in caring for the healthcare workers. After all, healthcare workers contribute largely to the recovery and healthcare experience of the patients.

Here at Careleda we share the same concerns. That’s why we’ve scientifically designed and rigorously tested healthcare chairs, beds and recliners for optimal safety. We’ve been performing the design and testing with the safety of both the patients and workers in mind.

Contact us today and we’ll provide you with excellent recommendations. We share the same compassion on both the Cared and the Carer. Through the years we’ve already worked with different sectors such as aged care, renal care, maternity ward, orthopaedic and oncology.

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