How to Make Maternity Wards Safer and More Comfortable

It’s a unique and life-altering experience for mums. It’s also a very difficult time, which is why every minute and detail of the maternity ward should speak of comfort and safety.

One way to achieve this is by ensuring the maternity ward is a safe, private and quiet environment. This way, mums can focus more on the labour and the transition to becoming a new mum (or having their second or third son/daughter). Take note that this is a huge transition for mums, which is why it’s always recommended to make that transition as easy as possible.

Another way for mums to feel comfortable is to provide some good distractions. Keep in mind that it could be a long and trying experience for the patients. They are very likely to experience stress and anxiety as they’re waiting for that crucial moment. As a result, any form of good distraction (e.g. movies, music) can make mums somehow feel at ease. They can occupy their minds with something else and probably make their stay at the hospital more positive.

Make maternity wards safer and more comfortable

To make the hospital stay more positive, another way to accomplish this is by ensuring that the chairs and beds will be really comfortable to the mums. After all, they will be spending a lot of time in limited mobility. As a result, the comfort or discomfort they feel is surely to be magnified through the hours.

Good thing is many maternity wards and other healthcare facilities go beyond ensuring the safety and success of the medical procedures. They are also committed in ensuring the comfort and positive experience of each patient before, during and after a medical procedure. No patient wants to stay in a healthcare facility unless necessary. But if every detail of the facility (especially the hospital chairs, mattresses and beds) is about the patient’s comfort, mums can better focus on recovery and adjusting to one of their biggest life transitions.

The best way to show the healthcare facility’s commitment to comfort and safety is not through inspirational messages, mission and vision. The best way is by focusing on each patient’s experience from entry to exit. It’s also good to focus on the things the patients will use most of the day (e.g. hospital chairs, beds). This way, patients will remain comfortable even during this long and trying experience.

Here at Careleda, we place special focus on the cared (the end user of our hospital chairs, beds and other furniture). This way, they would remain comfortable and feel safe as well. Contact us today if you share our commitment to patients’ comfort and safety.

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