Design Healthcare Facilities to Improve Patient Safety?

Healthcare facilities can be designed to improve safety by carefully designing the patient flow and properly selecting the technology and equipment to be used in the facility. It can start with analysing all risks and possible failure points wherever and whenever there’s a patient involved.

For example, repositioning a patient can introduce risks both to the patient and caregiver. One wrong move and the patient might get injured. On the other hand, the repositioning can also introduce strain to the caregiver’s back and legs. This is especially the case in awkward positions where falls and slips would become more likely.

A continuous process of improvement

Aside from analysing all risks and possible failure points, patient safety is also about continuous improvement. Experienced healthcare managers and staff regularly review the documents relating to patient safety and overall welfare. For instance, they evaluate the healthcare chairs and mattresses if these are still safe and provide maximum comfort to the patients. Healthcare staff also reviews the workflow (e.g. from hospital room to examination room) to see if it has minimal risks and maximum efficiency.

Perhaps this continuous process of improvement also includes replacing old hospital furniture with modern and tested items. It’s a worthy investment especially because the patients will receive better care. In addition, caregivers would be able to provide more attention to the patients instead of worrying about the area’s facilities.

Other benefits of improving patient safety

First, the overall healthcare quality improves as a result of improving the safety of the patient inside the facility. This could result to faster recovery times, higher patient satisfaction and better healthcare experience.

Second, the staff will experience less stress and fatigue. They would be able to safely reposition or move a patient without too much strain. The movements will also be safer both for the cared and carer because of the patient’s improved mobility (e.g. patients can move from a reclining into a sitting position more easily without much assistance).

Third, to improve patient safety also means to improve healthcare operations. After all, it all revolves around the patient. Focus on the patient first and alter or design the environment, technology and equipment according to his or her needs.

Improve patient safety by focusing on the environment

Although personnel training is still crucial for proper health care, the environment where patients are in also have a huge effect on patient safety. Also, altering the environment for better safety is one of the easiest steps you can do as soon as possible to improve outcomes in your healthcare setting.

In addition, having high-quality mattresses and chairs in your hospital and healthcare facility can also help improve the safety and overall experience of the patients. Take note that their comfort also has an effect on their safety. That’s because physical discomfort are often signals of more serious problems.

If you want better safety and experience for your patients, contact us here at Careleda. Our expert staff can recommend excellent chairs and mattresses for your facility. Our products have been ultimately designed according to the patients’ comfort and needs.

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